Mobile Government: The Next Frontier in Improving Public Service Delivery

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Mobile services are quickly emerging as the new frontier for transforming government towards citizen-centricity and one-stop multi-channel delivery. They extend the benefits of remote delivery of government services and information to those who are unable or unwilling to access public services through the Internet or simply prefer to use mobile devices. In theory, many government services can now be made available on a 24x7x365 basis in any place covered by mobile networks, which today means almost everywhere.

+ According to the ITU, the total number of mobile users worldwide as of late 2006 was about 2.7 billion and the number of internet users was just above 1.1 billion. Does this provide a strong case for leveraging mobile channels to dramatically improve access to public services to those who can afford to use a personal or shared mobile phone (e.g. as in Village Phone programs)? Does this create an opportunity to connect in the near future the next two billion people to the benefits of e-government, e-health, e-education, e-banking and e-commerce?
+ How exactly can Mobile Government transform the lives of common people in developing and transition countries? What are the best examples of such impact? + What are the types of services that can be easily provided on mobile phones/devices (“quick wins”) and what are the more strategic high-impact services (“killer applications”)?
+ What are the key constraints to making this vision a reality? What are the critical success factors and lessons learned?
+ Should government agencies and the development community take this opportunity to drastically improve access to information and services? How should governments and donors change the way they do business to take full advantage of mobile technologies?
+ What is the role of the private sector? Are there successful business models (e.g. PPP) for private sector companies to support value-added m-government services?


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