Interesting cases!

The Scientific American introduce some consideration about semantic tecnologies and enterprise

“Lee Feigenbaum, Ivan Herman, Tonya Hongsermeier, Eric Neumann, and Susie Stephens. The Semantic Web in Action. Scientific American, 297(6), pp. 90-97, (December 2007).”

British Telecom has built a prototype online service to help its many vendors more effectively develop new products together.

Boeing is exploring the technologies to more efficiently integrate the work of partners involved in airplane design.

Chevron is experimenting with ways to manage the life cycle of power plants and oil refineries.

MITRE Corporation is applying Semantic Web tool kits to help the U.S. military interpret rules of engagement for convoy movements

The U.K.’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, uses the Semantic Web internally to more accurately and inexpensively generate geographic maps

Vodafone Live!, a multimedia portal for accessing ring tones, games and mobile applications, is built on Semantic Web formats that enable subscribers to download content to their phones much faster than before

Harper’s Magazine has harnessed semantic ontologies on its Web site to present annotated timelines of current events that are automatically linked to articles about concepts related to those events

Joost, which is putting television on the Web for free, is using Semantic Web software to manage the schedules and program guides that viewers use online


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