Second European Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernment

The Second Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernment will be held in Rome, on September 20th – 22th 2008 by Regione Lazio, Regional Ministry for Consumer Protection and Administrative Simplification, with the organizational support of LAit S.p.A.

The Second Summit will represent a unprecedented occasion for:

1. Enhancing the role of European regions with respect to the priorities of Interoperability as a key element for the efficient, sustainable and equal development of eGovernment and for the creation of an intelligent and innovative European Government, fostering the development of the Knowledge Society, a higher European integration, a substantial increasing of competitiveness and productivity of the EU in the international scenario;
2. Analyzing the European Interoperability Framework produced by IDABC, as a model for the adaptation and comparison of the single European regional frameworks for Interoperability;
3. Verifying the state of the art and promoting successful initiatives in the field of Interoperability in Europe;
4. Proceeding concretely in the constitution of ERNI (European Regional Network for Interoperability) and the other European tools proposed by the Valencia Declaration.


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