European Digital Agenda is coming to solve some issues

1. Lack of investment in networks: more needs to be done to facilitate current investment in the new fast internet networks that will be the centre of a competitive and inclusive future economy.

2. Fragmented digital markets: Europe is still a patchwork of national online markets even though the problems are fixable.

3. Lack of skills: Europe is suffering from a growing professional ICT skills shortage and a digital literacy deficit. These failings are excluding many citizens from the digital society and economy and are holding back the out-sized contribution ICT use can make to productivity and growth – ICTs already account for 50% of all European productivity growth.

4. Fragmented answers to societal challenges: Europe misses out on much of the potential of ICT because it does not give common answers to challenges facing society (such as the ageing population, rising health costs, climate change).

5. Rising cybercrime and low trust: Internet users will not engage in ever more sophisticated online activities, unless they feel confident their privacy is secured and they can fully rely upon their networks. Europe must address the new forms of cybercrime and ensure the resilience of its IT systems and networks.

6. Insufficient research and innovation efforts: Europe continues to under-invest and fails to convert intellectual advantage of research into the competitive advantage of market-based innovations. Our priority has to be not only attracting more investment, but building bridges between the ideas and the markets for them.

7. Lack of interoperability: Europe does not yet reap the maximum benefit from interoperability. Weaknesses in standard-setting, public procurement and coordination prevent digital services and devices used by Europeans from working together as well as they should.



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