Interorganizational Business Process: cases study in Public Administration

Initially ICT solutions in Public Administration (PA) have been introduced within single offices, successively the challenge became the possiblity of permitting the direct interoperation of different software infrastructure, so to have an integrated PA. Nevertheless such integration is still on-going and many issues still need to be solved. In particular the intregration initially referred to the communication infrastructure and now the effort is particularly interesting with respect to the application level. At this level Business Process specification is the main instrument to describe how related administration could effectively cooperate. Nevertheless BP specifications are extremly complex and careful evaluation should be undertaken to assess their effectiveness and efficiency.

Following we report our result from BP modeling in Italian Public Administration. All of them are examples of real inter-organizations BP with several interactions between PAs.

In particular the considered services are:

  • Family reunion [pngBPMN 2.0]: this is a service available for people legally residing in Italy which can apply on behalf of their relatives (spouse, depending parents, children less than 18 years old) for the purpose of family reunion and only after having provided evidence of their status with respect to sufficient incomes and a permanent address.
  • Grant citizenship [pngBPMN 2.0] this is a service used to ask for Italian citizenship by a foreigner or stateless person who has married to an Italian citizen or who is continuously residing in Italy for more then three years.
  • Bouncer registration [pngBPMN 2.0] this is a service used to register bouncer in order to carry on their activity within public places.

For more information: Damiano Falcioni, Andrea Polini, Alberto Polzonetti, Barbara Re: Improving PA Business Processes through Modeling, Analysis, and Reengineering. EGOV 2012: 78-89 [pdf]


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